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MNA Lawn Care Terms and Conditions

Effective March 1, 2023 @12:01am EST


1.1 - Welcome

  • Hello, Welcome to MNA Lawn Care. We are a professional Lawn Care Company located in Lawrenceville, GA 30043. We are happy to service you and your property needs.


1.2 - Services

  • You will have a Scheduled Service Day for all jobs. Any delays will be communicated to the customer. 

1.3- Property Condition & Obstacles

  • All customers are required to keep their property in good condition for our company to provide quality, consistent service in a timely manner.

  • Listed are the following obstacles customers need to make sure are NOT in the yard during service: Landscape Lighting, Lawn Chairs, Children’s Toys, Animal Toys, Garden Tools, Garden Hoses, faulty or improperly installed irrigation heads, or any other obstacles that mowers may run over in your lawn. Contractor is not responsible for damages due to the negligence of the customer. 

  • Customers with Dogs: All customers are required to have an accessible water-hose for our company to use when animal waste appears on our equipment. We reserve the right to cancel service if animal waste is an excessive nuisance to the contractor. All instances will be handled on a case by case basis. WE STRONGLY COURAGE ALL CUSTOMERS TO PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER PETS.

  • Customers with Backyard Fences: Customer is responsible to ensure that the openings to gates are suitable for frequent closing and opening. This means the gates should open without interference of the landscape.  

  • Customer must make contractor aware of all events that may inhibit the contractor from performing work. This includes home repairs, street repairs, Lawn repairs, etc.

  • Customers who want push mowing: Contractor has the right to increase the price of a requested push mowing service if needed. 

  • All customers are required to dispose of yard debris collected by contractor or pay an additional fee. Contractor will place all debris in yard bags. Please refer to for yard debris pick up


1.4 -  Service Area

  • We only service Leaf Maintenance & Landscape customers that has an address ending in the zip code 30043 in Lawrenceville, GA. If you are located in other zip codes of Lawrenceville, we will assess additional charges for your service and will only provide landscape projects. 

  • We service all Hardscape Projects in Lawrenceville, GA, Suwanee, GA, Buford, GA, Duluth, GA, Grayson, GA, Norcross, GA, Snellville, GA, Lilburn, GA, and Dacula, GA. We will provide hardscape projects to customers who are 5-10 miles from these areas.


1.5 - Definitions

  • Regular Scheduled Maintenance - Includes cutting the grass, edging the sidewalk & driveway, weed whacking areas directly around home, and blowing the hard surfaces of debris (driveway, porches, meters, etc.) 

  • Shrubs  - A perennial plant with a number of stems generally produced near the soil line of the plant. Generally Under 12 ft in Height

  • Leaf Cleanup - Managing the leaves by either mulching, bagging, or blowing leaves to the nearest to woody area (Area with a lot of trees).  

  • Extremely Convenient - We will use this term when our contractor finds that your property is easy for the contractor to complete in a short time. When your property is considered “extremely convenient,” you are eligible for discounts from MNA. 

  • Fall & Spring Cleanup - Lawn Maintenance + Leaf Cleanup + Shrub Trimming.


1.6 - Insurance

  • Contractor will maintain comprehensive general liability insurance. Proof of insurance will provided on our website.

  • Contractor is not responsible for any property damage due to the outdoor elements, acts of nature, or any other third party. 


1.7 - Payment Terms

  • All customers will be charged per service visit. All invoices are due in 7 days of the invoice date. 

  • Customers will need to add their debit/credit card on file to avoid processing fee on each invoice. (IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADD MULTIPLE CARDS ON FILE, please contact the office.)

  • All payments must be paid via Yardbook. We only accept Debit & Credit Card Payments. No other form of payment is accepted. 

  • Customers are required to pay all invoices in a timely manner. Failure to pay before next service will result in a paused service until payment is received.

  • After 14 days of non-payment, a fee of 10% or $10 will be assessed, whichever is greater.

  • After 30 days of non-payment, we will consider the invoice in default. Collection for the invoices will be pursued and customer will be responsible for all collection fees, attorneys, or any other excess fees relating to non-payment of invoice. 

  • No Refunds

  • Work-From-Home or Retirement Exception: Customers who work from home majority of the time (or retired) during our normal business hours can pay for their service in cash with no processing fee nor fuel surcharge.

1.8 - Discounts

  • Yards that MNA Lawn Care considers “Extremely Convenient” are eligible for discounts. The contractor will determine this status upon arrival. 

  • Currently, we have a 10% discount on all projects over $5000. This discount ends September 30, 2023.


1.9 - Lawn Care Contracts

  • Contract period is currently closed. 


1.10 - Cancellation 

  • All Customers: Either Party may cancel the service at any time by contacting the office at 678-831-8908 or sending an email to Customers must cancel service 24 hrs before next service or be charged a $25 trip fee. Customers must pay all invoices before cancelling service. If not, the customer will be charged a $25 cancellation fee on top of the unpaid invoice. 


1.11 - Acknowledgement of Terms 

  • Customers using MNA Lawn Care as a service agrees to the terms and conditions, fully understands its provisions, and given direct notification of the terms.This agreement is legal binding agreement between customers and MNA Lawn Care, a subsidiary of Ten Miles LLC.

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